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Ralph Miller Professional SEO Consultant

Wandering far and wide in search of greater meaning, Ralph has been a student of many disciplines, and sat at the feet of many a marketing guru in order to become a professional seo consultant. By attaining the secrets of SEO and mastering the art of SEM, Ralph has worked on over 80 Internet marketing campaigns and helped several Fortune 500 companies propel their sites to the top of the search engines.

In addition to being an award winning writer, Ralph's creative mind allows him to see the hidden opportunities for your business to create great content, earn (not build) quality backlinks, and achieve higher search engine ranking. That's why he's our professional seo consultant.

Oh yeah, he does have a formal education (read as MBA). But we all know what that and two dollars will buy you at a coffeeshop... that's right... a cup of green tea (his drink of choice when coworking in Phoenix).